Monday, September 6, 2010

Don't Like Unions? - You'd Better Be Working Right Now

For money, I teach at a public high school, and as you may imagine, I'm a union-member.

It's been a sweet-tastic Labor Day, and Labor Day weekend. I just got back home to 35th street from the Ohio Street Beach. Me oh my what a fine day to be biking around this fine town. This morning I took my dog out for a great long walk around one of our glorious public parks.

Boy howdy, I love me some Labor Day . . . the weekend too, in general.

You see, I enjoy Labor Day weekend, and weekends in general guilt-free. My local, state and national chapters get their little pittance out of me every month and I go to the meetings and such. So when I'm doing something like partying all Friday night with friends new and old, I know that I'm just reaping one of many benefits that a movement which I actively support and promote confers upon me - the weekend. When I'm spending my Saturday pedaling around this great city of mine and enjoying the company of the people I love, and not worrying too much about work stuff, I can do so without that whole "being a huge hypocrite" thing because I support organized labor and always have.

What scalds my gonads, though, is right wingers who rail against unions, but then utilize all the benefits for which union labor fought for decades and decades, like you know, Labor Day, the weekend, the eight hour work day, the end of child labor, jobs with health insurance, stuff like that.

So when all you right wingers out there who feel like bitching and moaning about "union thugs" and "labor racketeers," at the same time want to fire up your grills all weekend and USE the benefits the Labor Movement has reaped, well it makes me want to choke on a delicious chicken bone, you know, the kind of thing you might be eating at a BBQ on Labor Day Weekend, . . . . because you people are hypocrites. Excuse me, . . . Hypocrites. You hate unions so much? It's 4:10 Central Time so if you're with me in that particular time zone, you'd better be working right now bucko . . . the last time I checked the traditional work day ends at 5:00, not 4:00. In fact, you really ought to have been working yesterday or at least Saturday. The weekend - a time for family and/or leisure activities - was a benefit that many many people in the workforce can enjoy thanks to the efforts of Organized Labor. So if you're so anti-union, unless you want to be ranked among the basest kind of hypocrites, you really should have worked all weekend.

Furthermore, although I do have to get up pretty early, I can relax unhypocritically when my eight-hour workday officially ends at 3:00, and then get on to the rest of my life in good conscience, what with the whole "supporting the labor movement as an active member" - although I generally stick around until 4:00. Right wingers who despise the Organized Labor and all it stands for, well the way I see it, they ought to put up or shut up. If they ain't puttin in at least nine or ten hour days, workin weekends, and sure as shit heading into the office on Labor Day, why that would sort of make them hypocrites, except not "sort of," but actually.

Put up or shut up right wingers. If you're grilling right now, you'd better put the tongs down and get to the office.

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