Sunday, October 3, 2010

Chicago's Decompression 2010: Little Playa on the Prairie

Your Burning Man Chicago Community Presents:

CHICAGO DECOMPRESSION 2010: Little Playa on the Prairie
Saturday, November 6th, 2010
2:00 P.M. - 3:00 A.M.
East Bank Storage - 5th Floor
1200 W. 35th Street @ Racine, Chicago, IL

-$15 suggested pre-sale contributions - here
-$20 suggested contribution at the door, if you're in pioneer or playa-gear
-$25 suggested contribution at the door, if you're in street clothes
-Participants 12 and under will not be asked for a contribution.
-Everyone else will be asked for a donation - even organizers, artists and volunteers who spend dozens of hours on the event!

You're beyond welcome to join your friends in Chicago's Burning Man Community for Decompression 2010 (Little Playa on the Prairie). This B.U.R.N. NFP-sponsored community event brings the open-hearted energy and creative spirit of the Burning Man Project to our great city for thirteen magical hours.

On Saturday, November 6th you and hundreds of your closest friends will create your version of Black Rock City on the 5th floor of the East Bank Storage facility, a Bridgeport storage, studio, and event space that's booked and confirmed to give us 15,000+ square feet in which to play! This community-arts event will be - as always - for you, and by you, complete with music, art installations, food, friends, family and FUN!

This year's theme is Little Playa on the Prairie. Think bonnets, top hats, pioneers and covered wagons. This is the Land of Lincoln y'all, the Prairie State, so we're going back in time to the days of our homeboy Abe Lincoln, a time when Chicago was just an up-and-coming little burgh bridging the East Coast with the Western states.

This event will be conducted in accordance with the Ten Principles of the Burning Man Regional Network. Full financial reports will be available to this community after Decompression is over.

Wanna help? GREAT! Email your Volunteer Co-ordinator and Decompression Co-Lead, Krueger, at, or just go here and tell us you're interested in helping out with Decomp in the last box.

Artists of all media! Bring out what you got! Contact Elysia Lock, our Art Curation Team Lead at

The next walk-through of your location for Decompression 2010: Little Playa on the Prairie is this Saturday afternoon - 10.9.10. Email Decompression Co-Lead Downtown Dave at for details.

More information on getting to and from Decompression is available here. Still more information will be forthcoming.

Incidentally, I personally will be Team Lead for the DPW Cleanup/Leave No Trace team. If being a Hero of America and doing a thankless job with awesome people is your bag, hit me up at the email below.

See you at your Burning Man Chicago Community's Decompression 2010!

B.U.R.N. Events Committee

PS: Here are some pics of the spot to get you excited!

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