Saturday, March 12, 2016

El Drumpfo retreated last night. Thoughts on what I saw at the UIC Pavilion . . .

The Big-Hands Pope was too much for Donald Drumpf.

So I was lucky enough to participate in the protest that shut down El Drumpfo's would-be rally last night at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago's west loop.

The event has officially become "Big News" for some of "skirmishes" and/or small-scale violence that occurred, some of which I witnessed outside the rally. (I couldn't get in, I had arrived too late.)

While I’ve no doubt that Trumpeteers were more responsible for most of the “skirmishes" or whatever, I do have to say that I saw a demonstrator or two behaving badly, which isn’t acceptable, and needs to be reigned in on the side of the good guys. However, the overwhelming majority of the protesters were peaceful. Watching stunned Trump-supporters do a kind of perp-walk out of the pavilion, through a throng of jubilant protesters was absolutely delicious. Those memories will get me through the hard times in the future.

The alleged “safety concerns” El Drumpfo used as en excuse to cancel the event are just another bullshit lie. While the media has predictably hyped the so-called “skirmishes,” because that’s what sells, the police presence was professional and had things mostly under control. The greatly overwhelming majority of both protesters, and . . to be fair . . . Trump supporters that I saw were peaceful.

Big Tough Guy El Drumpfo cancelled because he wasn’t tough enough to withstand being INTERRUPTED, which he certainly would have been, by the protesters . . . as he was in St. Louis yesterday morning. Some tough guy indeed — he’s afraid of being interrupted by the mean protesters.

No doubt El Drumpfo figured he could capitalize on playing the victim card with the whole “They were stomping on my free speech,” card, but that is of course horse shit, again, as is everything else that drops from the mouth of that turd-breathed sleaze. Chicagoans’ collective right to ASSEMBLE . . . ahem . . . trumped his free speech last night. At any rate, Trump isn’t wanting for free speech, he wants freedom from CONSEQUENCES of whatever he says. That freedom does not, and should not exist, anywhere. But make no mistake, his non-appearing act last night was definitely a hastily thrown-together RETREAT, that he himself chose, when he decided that he couldn’t take the pressure.

Trump’s probably right that he could mewl up to the RepubliCon electorate in some ways — at least for a 24 hour news cycle — as we all know the GOoPers’ ubiquitous hard-on for playing the victim. But I have to wonder if ultimately his bogus Potemkin-village-like “Alpha Male” Image isn’t going to take a hit in some circles, and after his nationally televised loss-of-nerve last night. It has been pointed out, worrisomely, that such a narrative could cause Trump to double-down on his "get 'em" rhetoric, which could certainly have unpleasant consequences down the line.

At any rate, being a part of the scene at the UIC Pavilion last night was one of my prouder recent moments. Even though I was late, it was a wonderful thing to see.

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