Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Uh Oh!

From the fine folks at
Gov. Walker Accused Of Over 1,000 Violations Of Campaign Finance Law, Could Face $557,500 Fine

By Scott Keyes on Jan 11, 2012 at 12:00 pm

"Wisconsin law requires gubernatorial campaigns to disclose information about contributors who give more than $100. Again and again, Walker appears to have skirted that requirement.

One Wisconsin Now examined the Walker for Governor’s finance records and found 1,115 instances where the campaign received contributions of more than $100 but did not properly disclose who gave the money. In total, “Walker has improperly reported well over $500,000 in contributions from inside and outside of Wisconsin,” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director. According to the group, which has filed a complaint with the state Government Accountability Board, Walker’s violations could result in a fine of $557,500
(bold and italics mine)

Ooopsa daisy! It looks like Wisconsin Governor Scott "Scumbucket" Walker allegedly made a teeny little oversight in reporting his campaign contribution. Okay maybe twice, or three times.

Okay a thousand times.

Okay eleven hundred times.

Plus fifteen.

Luckily these teensy weensy little infractions are surely no big deal, right Governor Scumbucket? What?- YOU never forget to follow campaign law drafted in your home state once or twice a thousand or eleven hundred times? Sheesh!!!!

But so what, really, right Governor Scumbucket? It's just a little bit of unreported campaign income violating state law. So what if its . . . okay it's over half a million dollars.

Still no big deal in my opinion. Hell in the post-Citizens United America, half a million dollars really IS a pretty small amount of money.

Kidding aside, I have no idea if these allegations will "have legs," but if they turn out to be true, and are provable, Governor Scumbucket could be facing $557,000 in fines. YIKES!

No doubt this will make the upcoming recall election even MORE interesting than it already is!

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