Sunday, January 15, 2012

SynchroniCity's 10th Annual Xmas Tree Burn!

Saturday, February 4th
All Day & Night
Bridgman, MI
$25 suggested donation if you use the van service to the Super 8 Motel
$15 if you don't

Our usual Bridgman, MI location is roughly an hour and a half from the city. Email downtowndave23 AT gmail DOT com for location details.

For ten years or so, and counting, your friends at Synchro have been happy to host the Annual Xmas Tree Burn!

After the last tree has been torched, we're encouraging everyone to join us at a local Super 8 motel in Sawyer, MI, and we'll provide a comprehensive local van service to and from it. We absolutely insist that you do not drink and drive, and the van service should help you in that. TIP THE DRIVER! The van service is for everyone who uses the hotel. Mention the Xmas Tree Burn to Prakash Patel or his employees at the Super 8 Motel, and you'll get a discount!

12850 Super Drive
I94 Exit 12 Sawyer Road
Sawyer, MI 49125 US


The expenses related to this event are considerable, including plenty of beer, porto-johns, truck rental for hauling LOADS of trees, transportation of said trees, and the van service to and from the Super 8. We won't be turning people away, but we are asking everyone to pitch-in $25, or whatever they can. Even if you don't think you'll be using the van service to and from the hotel, please consider donating $15. We REALLY NEED people to pony up something for this event - otherwise we won't be able to do it anymore!

If you haven't already, consider Paypalling the funds for all of your participants (Don't forget the dash between 'Synchroni' and '!') Or you can just pay cash at the event.

Delicious beer will be provided. The rest is BYO.

Bring an Xmas tree to torch! Bring something to drink! If you want to bring food, contact me!

We've been saying for years that this event is based on your participation, and this year we mean it. EVERY PARTICIPANT will be asked to haul a tree or two from the front of our hostess's property to the backlot, where the magic happens.

SynchroniCity is officially BEGGING anyone and everyone to help us in creating our fiery sculpture. Show up early enough on Saturday, 2.4.12 to help with our build. We'll be there as soon as we can drag ourselves out there in the morning, probably before noon. Email me for details.

Synchronicity members will be providing some food. There may be some sort of "food theme" this year. Please hit me up if you're interested in bringing something!

We will also need some help with the cleanup the next day!

For licensing and weather-related reasons, camping is not an option for this event.

Please dress warmly and be safe at the Xmas Tree Burn. Plan for the worst. Covering your head, wearing long underwear, several layers of socks, and covering your neck are all absolute requirements. And HAVE GALOSHES READY TO GO!

If you have questions, I first suggest that you read the survival guide again. If your question is still unanswered, you can email me at downtowndave23 AT gmail DOT com.

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