Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Poor, Sad, Rick Perry, and His Poor, Sad, Leathery Jawline

Well, this is delicious:

Perry to return to Texas to reassess candidacy

By Ashley Killough, CNN

(CNN) -- Following a disappointing projected fifth place finish in the Iowa caucuses, Texas Gov. Rick Perry said he'll return to Texas on Wednesday to reassess his candidacy.

"With the voters' decision tonight in Iowa, I decided to return to Texas, assess the results of tonight's caucus, determine whether there is a path forward for myself in this race," he told supporters late Tuesday night at his Iowa headquarters in West Des Moines. . .

"We have been told to hold until we hear from Austin," said a Perry source in South Carolina, where the candidate was preparing to launch an aggressive statewide bus tour on Wednesday. "It looks like he is not coming this week. He has definitely canceled his plans."
(bold & italics mine)

And of course, just like that, he appears to be back on! I can't wait for more!!
At the risk of engaging in Schadenfreude, HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! It couldn't happen to a bigger asshole. With all due respect to the many fine folks down in Texas, it's apparent that being elected the Mayor of HeeHaw is no longer an automatic elevator straight to the top of the RepubliCon ticket, not even in the far-right Iowa Caucuses.

Gub'ner Perry's decline in the GOoPer primary hasn't been sudden, but watching this charlatan waddle back to Texas with his prehensile tail hung between his legs, to "re-assess his candidacy," instead of making a planned trip to South Carolina, really was worth the long build up. I know, I know, I know; it's too soon to enjoy the Gub'ner's Pop-Shot - when he officially withdraws his candidacy. But usually, when pols announce re-assessment, it means they are trying to find a way to gracefully exit.

I don't know if Perry can do anything gracefully, other than his hair, but exit he most likely will.

If you can stomach it, watch the video on the CNN link above, and be disgusted. At around the 2.30 second mark, when he reads aloud a letter he'd recieved in which the writer - no doubt some inbred, hilljack, fuckmace moron - states:
"Today I saw you [Gub'nor Perry] for the first time in Perry, Iowa. I know you are a good man. But I never realized what a great man you were.
As if to say, "See? See? This guy says I'm not just good but GREAT!!!!" Oh it's kinda disgusting, but it tickled my Schadenfreude nerve just a little, to be sure, watching this ignorant hick-turned-slimebag pol try to save face in front of his family and campaign staff.

Perry's campaign was filled with low-lights, including this despicable video, a high-volume, high-pitched homophobic dog-whistle, which received over 733,000 dislikes on YouTube, compared to just 24,000 likes . . . . because this moron's campaign staff didn't know you could turn off like/dislike on YouTube. And, as much as we might like to, who can forget this rambling, half-cocked, possibly drunken speech in New Hampshire, or the infamous Ooops! moment, when the Gub'nor couldn't remember one of the Federal Departments he was absolutely certain he wanted to abolish . . . out of three. Priceless!

I don't know what it says about America that this man actually had a shot at the Presidency, or that he's the longest-serving Governor in the country, in charge of one of our largest states. But perhaps there is a glimmer of sanity in this nation somewhere, after all . . . even in the GOoP's Iowa Caucuses.

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