Thursday, December 22, 2011

Obama = GOP?

Obama has been corporatist, but I wouldn't go that far as saying Barry-0 is just as bad as a RepubliCon.

I still contend that there is a meaningful difference between having a very modestly progressive President (or a Congress) as opposed to full-on neo-fascist, neo-feudal theocracy embodied by the truly insane Right Wing in this country. It will continue to be very difficult to convince me that Obama = GOP. In fact, with the way the GOoPers havebeen trending lately in their blithe march towards theo-fascist neo-feudalism, I think the importance of having a "side of the coin that faces reality" active in the System has been absolutely critical.

Jesus! Somebody in SOME kind of position of power has to be able to at least slow things down in the ill-fated buffalo towards Annihilation Falls! I would suggest that Obama has at least tried in some areas.

Now whether Obama has had any success in this?- reasonable people might quibble. But we've withdrawn from Iraq, the President has at least talked about drawing down in Afghanistan, and some DISCUSSIONS about the economy.

Has he in any way really tackled the whole: "will there be methane-free, breathable air in 1,000 years, or won't there be-" question? No.

The fact is these horrors have a built-in momentum that doesn't just stop on a dime. It took years for Hitler to rise as a political figure and engage in WWII and the accompanying Holocaust. I agree that Obama's shortcomings may well be more defining, in the long run. But I also wonder what, exactly, this one guy, about four years out of being a state senator was supposed to do, exactly?

As a small and tasty little morsel, I give you House Speaker John Boehner, just a couple of hours ago, referring to his caucus's decision to block a tax cut on the middle class for reasons of sheer obstinacy:

"It may not have been politically the smartest thing in the world."

No shit, Speaker Boner, really?

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