Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's time to end the filibuster in the Senate.

The filibuster made sense when there was a rational opposition and a relatively small amount of bills were effectively filibustered.

Now, every single initiative that comes from our elected majority is effectively killed, or grossly emasculated by the threat of the filibuster in our venerated "House of Lords," or "UPPER HOUSE of Congress," the U.S. Senate. The American people have spoken over the last two elections. If the Minority Party cannot look to the filibuster responsibly . . . there is nothing in the Constitution that enshrines their right to it.

The campaign to end the filibuster has begun! Take action by following this link.


John Stoner said...

No, it's time to end the Senate.

Why do we need to have a house where Montana gets the same representation as California? That smells bad to me. It's a remnant, the same as the electoral college.

Downtown Dave said...

True, but I'll add that Rhode Island, Maryland and Vermont have the same representation as Texas. I was mixed on this for a long time. The filibuster seemed a lot more attractive to me in 2005-2006 when Sam Alito was up for the SCOTUS. Too bad right wingers are so relentlessly about going to extreme measures while progressives are, by their nature, more accommodating and cautious.