Thursday, April 3, 2008

The PR Surge has worked.

Iraqi deaths spike in March

"BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Deaths among Iraqi civilians, security forces and insurgents jumped in March because of the recent spasm of violence in the country's Shiite egions, an Iraqi Interior Ministry official said.

"It's obvious that the [number of] killed and wounded have increased because of the military operation in Basra and the violence that erupted across the country after the operation started," the official said.

A government offensive that started last week in the southern city of Basra targeting "outlaws" resulted in tough fighting between troops and Shiite militants. Clashes spread to other southern cities and parts of Baghdad, leaving hundreds dead and wounded."

From CNN.

Meanwhile, the traditional media and its bloodthirsty GOoPer friends, as if on a CD player's auto-repeat setting, keep telling us: "The surge worked. The surge is working. The surge worked. The surge is working."

Liars. Fucking god-damned liars. Oh, and murderers too.

The so-called surge has worked all right folks - it's a PR blitz that the traditional media has eaten up hook, line, and sinker. Once again, the neocons prove themselves to be almost criminally capable of getting the televised and print media to tell America exactly what they want Americans to think - reality be damned, or in fact bombed into oblivion. Significant numbers of Americans have actually been convinced that things are getting "way better" in our tragitastrobacle in Iraq.

What a tragedy.

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