Saturday, April 5, 2008

I Love Fox TV - except its News Division

You know, I give Fox a hard time. I do. I give Fox a hard time because its News division DESERVES a hard time. Fox News, of course, pretends to be "Fair and Balanced," but is obviously an unofficial arm of the RepubliCon Party, and is generally a right wing mouthpiece for hatred and misinformation, giving waaay to big a microphone to scum like Bill O'Reilly, Brit Hume, Josh Gibson, and that's just the very top of the list. So let's be clear:

Fuck Fox News. Fuck it right in the eye.

But here's the thing, I just got done watching an exciting Chicago White Sox victory over the 0-5 Detroit Tigers, on Fox Sports. Normally I don't like it when the national networks take Sox games, because I like Hawk Harrelson, who is the lead guy calling White Sox games on local Chicago TV. Generally, no offense to anyone, the national guys are nowhere near as fun to watch as the local commentators. The locals know the team better, and it doesn't hurt that they're partisan. But in this case, the game was excellent, and not just because the White Sox came back from being down 3-0, and from being no-hit through the first six innings, to ultimately win 5-3. It was also awesome because Thom Brennan and Jose Mota, the guys who called the game for Fox sports, are classy broadcasters who know how to make the great game of baseball interesting and enjoyable during its considerable downtime.

Furthermore, Fox Entertainment has always been a winner, in my opinion. They created the Simpsons, Futurama, and still show The Family Guy, and American Dad - some of the most intelligent, hilarious, and even subsersive comedies on television. I've been watching the Simpsons since I was roughly 13, and I'm 31 now. That's a long ass time, and it's still better than about 90% of what's on TV. Fox was responsible for great shows like In Living Color, and Married with Children. And although I'm no fan of 24 or House, I can't go around saying no one likes those shows, because people do.

My point here is that Fox knows how to do sports, and entertainment. As long as TV has to exist, and someone is going to make some money off of it, I have no quarrel whatsoever, with Fox Entertainment, and Fox Sports. I like baseball, and I like to be entertained by excellent comedy. Fox has proven its ability to do both of these things well.

Why can't they just stick to the shit people love them for?-instead of delving into their twisted take on "News," (as they so-call it) which people hate them for? If Fox stuck to Entertainment and Sports, I'd have no quarrel with it whatsoever.

But of course, it doesn't, so I do.

Fox Executives: Get with the program - and stick to baseball and the Simpsons. No one is going to give you beef over that. Your News division sucks though, and for that you deserve to rot in deep trench waaaay down in hell.


Tracy said...

"Why can't [FOX] just stick to the shit people love them for?-"

I believe that's because it's owned by the right-wing reactionary Rupert Murdoch. 'Nuf said.

Downtown Dave said...

Well, you got that right, Tracy.


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