Saturday, December 3, 2016

Open Letter to President Obama, Senator Reid, and Secretary Clinton: STAY PUBLIC.

Dearest Madam, and Sirs:

First, thank you for your service to this country. It's been an intense, yet rewarding last eight years, during the Obama Administration; to say nothing of the tumultuous years that took us to that wonderful night in November of 2008, and beyond. I know that you leave duties in DC, and on the campaign trail, under unhappy circumstances. Perhaps you deserve better, but it was not to be this time. Thank you, regardless.

Speaking of things you deserve, a long and leisurely transformation into the quietude of retired life is certainly among them; for all of you. . . . which is why it so pains me to put you on the spot like this.

I am asking you, pleading really, not to fade away from public life just yet. You all don't need little ol' me to tell you how grave our emerging national crisis in government may well be. Certainly we are entering uncharted waters. This is why it's so very important that the side of decency, sanity, and accountability have leaders of national stature, who can help us fight back against the ugliness of incoming administration.

Mr. Obama, you have withstood the racist, shrieking opposition of the unhinged, with class and dignity, for more than eight years now. You have repeatedly acted as the adult in the room. History will remember your name a million times more than that of even your biggest detractors. Of course you have duly earned a long retirement, but because of your very class and dignity, we need you on the front lines, speaking out against these lunatics. The Anti-Gerrymandering project seems like a wonderful start. Yes, and more please, as far as I'm concerned. Thank you. And I'm so very sorry that you cannot kick back into the luxury of sustained leisure, which you so richly deserve.

Mr Reid, you have made much of your career standing up to bullies. It goes without saying that this particular skillset is deeply needed now. Your speaking out against Steven Bannon on the Senate floor, fruitless though it may no doubt have seemed at the time, was an important entrée. Please continue to speak out as often as possible, from Nevada, from DC, from wherever. We need your voice in standing up to these, the biggest administration of bullies this nation has known since . . . Andrew Jackson? I don't know, maybe EVER . . . . they are the biggest administration of bullies in a long time, at the very least. Yes you deserve a quiet life of enjoying boxing matches, but I'm afraid your country needs you. Please continue to answer the call.

Madam President, in a world of justice and fairness, that is what we'd be calling you in a few weeks, Secretary Clinton. For you, although you have been fighting terrifyingly-aptly named "vast right wing conspiracy" for nearly 30 years, this message may come least welcome of all. I can only imagine what it must feel like to run for national office, and have the results not go your way. I have to imagine that you will want a break, at least, from public life, and it seems only fair, and perhaps reasonable you should get one, in the at least in the short term.

In the long term, and I'm sorry to say this Madam Secretary, we need you. We know you are made of steel, and your resolve to work for the American people is great. Of course you still must have a role to play. Please keep speaking out, even as a private citizen, against the forces of hate and ignorance.

The American people get it, I think - you deserve some peace and quiet. But in times like these, people of good will cannot sit in peace and quiet. We must activate, energize, organize, and fight like never before. From the grass roots, and at the very top. Please join us down here on the ground, and fight to save tomorrow. We need your considerable "bully pulpits."

Downtown Dave aka daveinchi

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