Saturday, December 19, 2015

PREDICTION: Martin O'Malley will be the Democratic Vice-Presidential Nominee

This isn't much of a diary, but here is my prediction: The above man, former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley, will be your Vice-Presidential nominee, on the Democratic ticket.

There is almost no rational person that I know of suggesting that he can somehow win out in the actual presidential contest vs. Hillary or my guy Bernie Sanders. I think he's just running to show that he has the get-up-and-go for a grueling national campaign.It's been done before - arguably Joe Biden, (and Chris Dodd) did the same thing (less successfully) in 2008.

If Hillary wins, O'Malley is the classic Vice-Presidential attack dog, who can make the base - which is in some areas clearly groaning under another centrist-seeming Clinton - happier. If Sanders wins, and he very well might, O'Malley is a somewhat kinder, milder look at the progressive left, who might be able to soften Bernie's image a little with swingier independents who . . . foolishly, let's be clear . . . get nervous at the very mention of "democratic socialism."

O'Malley is perfectly positioned. You heard it here first, he will be the Vice-Presidential nominee.

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