Sunday, October 28, 2012

Chicago's Decompression 2012: REBIRTH

The Bold Urban Renaissance Network Not-for-Profit proudly presents:

Decompression 2012: REBIRTH

Saturday, November 10th

3:00 P.M. - 2:00 A.M.

Bridgeport Arts Center

1200 W. 35th Street

Chicago, IL


$25 Tier I

$35 Tier 2

Greetings Chicago Burners!

As you forlornly shake the dust out of your boots and pour vinegar into the laundry, fear not . . . because your friends at Burning Man Chicago and the B.U.R.N. 501(c)3 are pleased-as-punch to welcome you to Chicago's Decompression 2012: REBIRTH!

This splendid afternoon and evening of Burning Man-inspired art, culture, friendship, and love encourages you to enact the Burning Man experience right here in the great city of Chicago! Decompression is conveniently tucked down in the near-south side of Chicago, on 35th Street, just a short walk from the Red Line, at a beautiful 5th-Floor rehabbed industrial site of over 20,000 square feet!


In religion, people may feel spiritually reborn when they find their guiding light, or anticipate literal rebirth after the end of this life. To to others rebirth comes in more secular epiphanies of the soul. The businessperson becomes an artist, the laborer becomes the organizer, the mistreated partner realizes they must go it alone. Or the lonely find rebirth in love.

Decompression is a time for revisiting, reflecting, and re-energizing; a time to revive the spirit, to rekindle and reconnect with the friends and loved ones, old and new, who defined your Burning Man experience. In a spirit of fertility, your Decompression 2012 will bring renewed verdure to your vibrant city, revitalized with the inexorable life-forces of art, love, friendship and creativity. Chicago's Decompression 2012 will see you born anew into the abundance of your fabulous home away from Home.

Volunteers are DEFINITELY needed, and returning volunteers will get a very special price break. Go here to get involved: or email chicagodecompvolunteers AT gmail DOT com

A logo for Decompression 2012: REBIRTH is also required. Send your .jpg or .gif submissions to downtowndave23 AT gmail DOT com.

Tickets for Chicago's Decompression 2012: REBIRTH are on sale RIGHT NOW at this link: . Tickets are limited, and your organizers expect to sell through all of them. Purchase your tickets on line.

If you are interested in any kind of performance, please email Ninjalina, the Performance Director: evelina AT ninjalina DOT com. If you want to bring out art, please contact Art Curator Elysia Lock at elysialock AT gmail DPT com. Can't wait to see you at Decompression! xoxoxo, Bold Urban Renaissance Network, NfP

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