Saturday, September 17, 2011

Effin tasty music.

I stumbled across this producer while on a light-hearted swing through what YouTube has to say about Deep House.

I have no idea who Nebraska is, or where s/he or they're from. (Omaha? Lincoln? Grand Island?) But I love it!

I would describe this stuff as a kind of easy-rolling, deep, jazzy, smoothed out, and melodic house, at relatively slow tempo, with a few breaks thrown in to liven things up a bit. It reminds me of some of the jazzy-style house that was coming out of Paris around eight or nine years ago, and I always ate that stuff up. Given the name, French for "a ward or neighborhood," I wonder if it might not be of French origin.

I don't know if this track would light up a truly jacked dance-floor necessarily, although I suspect it could kinda get things going at the beginning of a set.

My students would call this elevator music, and I suspect at least one or two of my dj buddies might say the same. But my students can be forgiven, and as for the rest, chalk it up to taste.

Smoothed out, jazzy cuts are near and dear to my heart.


justin reed said...

DUDE - i love Nebraska :) actually discovered them years ago at groove on a obscure 12" - likely a french label during that time period you described. unfortunately those cutz are vinyl only...
But I found a bunch more tracks on Youtube

Downtown Dave said...


Any word on where s/he/they are from or who they are? I haven't been able to find ANYTHING on the interwebs!

justin reed said...

sorry d - i didn't get your reply:

discogs is the definitive source for info on electronic music artist and releases: