Wednesday, March 16, 2011

GOoPers to You: Piss off.

A stunning look at the class war being perpetuated by the GOoPers at in states across the country. This is just a brief taste of how the GOP is planning balancing their budget shortfalls on the backs of the poor and middle class, :
REPORT: In 12 States, GOP Plans To Slash Corporate Taxes While Increasing Burden on Working Families

ThinkProgress has been documenting conservative efforts to shift the burden of record budget shortfalls onto middle-class Americans, while simultaneously doling out tax cuts to corporations. While progressive governors have proposed raising revenue from those who can afford it, alongside painful cuts to programs, Republican governors have unveiled budgets that cut taxes for corporations and raise them on the middle-class and working poor. In this report, ThinkProgress evaluates the priorities conservatives have set in twelve states:
MICHIGAN: Gov. Rick Snyder’s (R) budget would make Michigan’s already regressive tax system even more unfair for the state’s poorest residents. The plan cuts taxes on business by more than 86 percent while slashing $1.2 billion in funding for “schools, universities, local governments and other areas.” Snyder also wants to raise personal taxes by 30 percent — an increase that will fall disproportionately on Michigan’s lowest income residents. . . .

ARIZONA: Last October, as she ignored 26 other possible funding solutions, Gov. Jan Brewer (R) implemented painful cuts to the state’s Medicaid program, which resulted in 2 deaths and left 98 Arizonians waiting for transplant funding. After months of protests, Brewer finally agreed to set aside $151 million in an “uncompensated-care pool to pay health-care providers for ‘life-saving’ procedures, including transplants.” However, House Republicans refused to restore funding for organ transplants because, as House Appropriations Committee chair Jon Kavanagh (R) said, “not enough lives would be saved to warrant restoring millions in budget cuts.” Then, while peoples’ lives were in danger, Brewer eagerly signed tax cuts for businesses that will cost the state $538 million.
This is just a taste of the horrific shit that GOoPers have been trying to pull, in the name of balancing their budgets, oh and by the way PAYING FOR ENORMOUS TAX CUTS TO HUGE CORPORATIONS. And these are just a couple of the most effed up examples!!!!

Are you a huge corporation? Sweet!?!?! It's Happy Days!!! You can laugh all the way the bank, cuz the good times are rollin!

Are you an average or even a poor family!?!?! Oh dear. It appears your tax burden is going to go through the roof. Times are tight you know. We all have to tighten our belts. And by "We all," we mean you, and nobody else.

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