Saturday, May 16, 2009

Some thoughts on the Pelosi controversy

This take on the current Pelosi kerfluffle really sums it up nicely. Pelosi says the CIA mislead her, and left out key details in their so-called "briefing" on torture.

The media jumps all over Pelosi, blaming her for looking the other way on torture - in a way that it has NEVER gone after the Republicans under whose administration the torture was actually enacted. Meanwhile, the CIA's story, which the CIA itself admits may not be 100% accurate, is understood be God's own truth, because of course, the CIA has no reason whatsoever to errrm, "shade the truth" at all in this matter.


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Pelosi may be bullshit.. Would not surprize me in the least.

But for Rove to point a finger is like Hitler condemning antisemitism.

Fuck him and the horses he rode in on. including Bush, Cheney, Wolfy,
Feith, Yoo, Rumsfeld, Negroponte, Ahbransom, and a whole stable of
other neocon freaks that brought about the very end of American
goodness in the world.

Fu7ck them all. They most certainly have fucked us.


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Pelosi is bullshit . . . but not as much on this particular issue.

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day, and this may be Pelosi's turn to be the stopped clock. Don't get me wrong, I think Speaker Pelosi is a weak leader, more in the "follower model," much like her counterpart int the Senate, Senator Reid. But the actual known facts on this case suggest that the CIA is doing CYA-job on the US Congress and the American people, and trying to demand of the People's House of Congress "Why didn't you stop us?"

This a perfect case of corporate media sensationalism overcoming the stated facts of the situation. Nevermind that other Congressional over-seers have reported that the CIA withheld crucial information to them, as well. Nevermind that the traditional media has pursued Ms. Pelosi with 10x the vigor with which they pursued George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld over issues of ENACTING THE VERY TORTURES AT THE CENTER OF THE CONTROVERSY.

Of course, it's somehow Speaker Pelosi's fault for not stopping it. But let's just forget about Dick Cheney, and George W., and Karl Rove, and Don Rumsfeld, and John Ashcroft, and Alberto Gonzalez, and Douglas Feith. What a fucking joke.

Interesting though, how the whole controversy has exposed the connection between American corporate media, and the CIA. In terms of sheer groveling and doing exactly what its told, the corporate media has done grand job of ignoring the actual facts of this situation, and focusing upon planted, CIA spin . . . I mean literally.

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