Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Two teaspoons of sugar for your morning coffee!

With all the horrible stuff that's happening on our planet and in our nation, it almost seems small and petty to enjoy the swirling of the RepubliCon Party around the electoral drain, but it's really nasty out there in Chicago today, and I can't help but enjoy these little moments of sunshine and warmth.

Courtesy of the screaming liberals at CNN
Senate Republicans brace for ominous 2010

"WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The 111th Congress has just barely begun as Senate Republicans brace for more grueling elections in 2010 that threaten to further weaken the party's influence in Congress. The latest setback for the party came Monday, when Ohio Sen. George Voinovich -- the 72 year-old two-term GOP senator -- announced he will not seek reelection in 2010. That leaves Republicans with a highly vulnerable seat in a perennial swing state that has drifted Democratic in the last two elections.

Voinovich's decision sent Ohio Republicans and Democrats scrambling ahead of what will likely be a competitive primary on both sides, and virtually guarantees the GOP will have to spend significantly more money defending a seat that otherwise would likely have been a safe bet . . . .

"Republicans are starting the cycle on the defensive once again, it's a familiar but uncomfortable position," said Nathan Gonzalez of the Rothenberg Political Report. Voinovich is the most recent in a string of four Republican senators -- some from crucial battlegrounds states -- to announce his retirement, rattling Republicans in an election cycle that already promises to be difficult."
Yeah, the world may be going to hell and a handbasket. Sure I ain't got no job and my personal finances are something of a disaster. Sure we can safely predict that by 2011 our so-called "economy" here in the USofA will look a lot more like Namibia's than Sweden's.

But, I sure do love watchin them RepubliCons squirm. It's like sugar & cinnamon in my morning coffee, on cold and wintry day! And it doesn't stop there. Check out this wild news from the Tennessee State Legislature courtesy of one R o o k at DailyKos!!!
HUMILIATION! GOP Defeat in TN! State House in "Absolute Chaos!"

No one saw this coming!

The Republicans -- who had just finally won control of the State House for the first time in 40+ years – were suppose to elect their Speaker of the House today. And failed! . . . The Tennessee State House has 50 Republicans and 49 Democrats. Well, Rep. Kent Williams (R-Dillon-Florence-Marion-Marlboro Counties) got the support of all 49 Democrats plus his own vote to put himself in the Speaker’s chair. . . .

In the last election, a bunch of belligerent right-wing radicals tried to bully Rep. Williams (a moderate) into taking far-right stands -- going so far as to threaten boycotts on his family business, etc. Well, Rep. Williams had had enough of bullies and blowhards destroying the Republican Party from within. And the Democrats knew it. So the Democrats approached Rep. Williams about being the new House Speaker. Rep. Williams said, "yes," and history was made, just minutes ago.
That is some gutsy shit! Kudos to Rep. Williams and to the Democratic Caucus in the Tennessee state legislature. THIS is what politics with some gonads looks like. Don't like the far-right RepubliCon that the thin wisp of majority of 'Cons are elevating to the Speakership?!? Find a (rare) moderate with an ax to grind, and get the entire Democratic caucus behind him! Way to go Tennessee Democrats!

The swirling around the drain . . . it's hypnotic, really.

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