Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ann Coulter Squeezes Off Another Book

True story:

Yesterday I was at my local Mega-Corpo-Book-O-Mart - The Barnes & Noble regional flagship store in Downtown Chicago.

There, set proudly on the very first display on the way in, was the Queen of Mean herself, gracing the cover of her new book, complete with the usual spiteful snarl dripping thinly from the sides of her mouth. There were dozens of $20 hard-bound copies of her bright white new book. I think it was called "Hey Did You Hear I Don't Like Liberals? Because I Don't."

At any rate, what really surprised me was not this all-too-familiar epikac of seeing a ginormous pile of Coulter's book-turds that are almost certainly flying off the shelves, but the books that were on display right next to hers, in equally large piles, right in the middle of the atrium of the Book-O-Mart. Right next to Coulter's, was a book by a woman who's face I didn't recognize. It was clearly not a political book, nor did it have anything to do with how much Ann Coulter hates liberals, which is apparently quite a lot. This book was called something like "The Joy Diet: How to eat right and live joyfully every single day."

The woman on its cover was a smiling, medium-sized, well-dressed bundle of beaming Americana - with a Jackie-O sort of bob that seems to be fashionable again, and an array of attractively cared-for flowers and plant life adorning her kitchen, and several sumptuous-looking meals, possibly with flax-seed in them, cooling on her kitchen counters.

And I thought: My god, who put these two titles together? Is it irony day here at the Book-O-Mart?

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