Saturday, December 13, 2008

Blagojevich, Obama, and media-made "scandals" . . .

I'm making an exception from my "mostly original content & commentary" premise to forward the ever-relevant Media Matters' latest work. Read and learn people - this is how the so-called "Right" turns any politician even nominally associated with the Left into the boogey-man . . . by controlling TV, radio, & print media, which they have trained millions of their brain-dead right wing teat-suckers to believe is "liberal."

Media Matters: Media pick up where they left off 8 years ago

"To anyone who lived through the media feeding frenzy of the 1990s, during which the nation's leading news organizations spent the better part of a decade destroying their own credibility by relentlessly hyping a series of non-scandals, the past few days, in which the media have tried to shoehorn Barack Obama into the Rod Blagojevich scandal, have been sickeningly familiar.

Whenever reporters think -- or want you to think -- they've uncovered a presidential scandal, they waste little time in comparing it to previous controversies. Yesterday, CNN's Rick Sanchez tried desperately to get the phrase "Blagogate" to stick -- the latest in a long and overwhelmingly annoying post-Watergate pattern of ham-handed efforts to hype a scandal by appending the suffix "-gate" to the end of a word.

Sanchez's efforts to create a catchphrase aside, the criminal complaint filed against Blagojevich this week isn't the Watergate of the 21st century -- though it shows signs that it may become this decade's Whitewater."
Jamison Foster has got it dead right, as usual.

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