Saturday, November 29, 2008

Victory in the War on Iraq!!!

More great news from Surge-ofied paradise of Iraq - a nation that is surely just as sovereign as a sovereign state can be.
Official: Female bomber was disabled; vest ignited by remote

"BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- The female bomber who killed five people just outside the heavily fortified Green Zone on Monday was mentally disabled and her explosives vest was triggered by remote control, an official said.

Baghdad Operations Command spokesman Brig. Gen. Qassim Atta said the strike is the latest example of insurgents' using mentally disabled female bombers to launch attacks.

The most prominent example of the tactic was the deployment of mentally disabled female bombers last February at Baghdad pet markets, attacks that killed 99 people.

Monday's bombing -- one of a string of blasts in the capital that killed a total of 19 people -- occurred outside one of the main entrances to the Green Zone, an Interior Ministry official said. Along with two Iraqi soldiers and three civilians who died, 12 other people were wounded."
Let's see, a string of blasts that killed 19 people. Hmmm . . . .

. . . Oh yeah!

This must be that victory they were telling us about, that corner we were about to turn. You remember it, right? It's the one we've been about to turn since around the spring of 2004, during the dewy morning of the War on Iraq . . . you remember . . . back when everyone loved President Bush. Man, that was years ago.

Anyway, now that Surge worked so perfectly, and what with The Other War (Afghanistan) kinda . . . you know . . . uhh, flarin up a little here and there lately, we can safely assume that the Victory is super-duper here now and double plus awesome! After all, the Traditional Media doesn't report Iraq being a problem nowadays. And didn't they sign that triple double super awesome Security of Forces Agreement?

It's all comin together folks. Just a few more dozen barrels of blood, and Victory is ours-having! The New American Century is arriving!!!

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