Monday, September 1, 2008

Sarah Quayle-in? McCain's Desperate VP Pick

More-of-the-same McCain's desperation is becoming palpable.

Consistently down in about 95% of the national polls; considerably behind is most if not all of the so-called "swing states"; and finding himself in close contests in formerly deep red states like Indiana, North Carolina, Alaska, and Montana; McCain's Vice Presidential pick of Alaska Governor Sarah "Quayle-in" Palin smacks of a desperately knee-jerk attempt do something . . . ANYTHING to revive his doddering mess-in-your-Depends-undergarments of a campaign.

By all accounts, Governor Palin is a bright woman, but make no mistake folks, this desperate attempt to "shake things up" is very likely to backfire. First of all, this woman's resume is thin enough to make Kate Moss look like Kirstie Alley. Two years ago she was the part-time the Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, an outer suburb of Anchorage, with less than 8,000 people. She has been governor of Alaska for approximately nineteen months. These are the political qualifications that make Governor Palin a good fit to be a heart-beat away from the most powerful office in the world.

I make fun of More-of-the-same for being older than dirt, but doesn't this actually make the Quayle-in pick a serious issue?!?!? McCain has had cancer four times, and he's 72 years old. Do we want someone who just got out of a part-time gig as a small town mayor to be next in line if something were to happen to the old son-of-a-bitch?

ANSWER: We don't.

Now granted, people like me were going to talk smack about whomever His Royal Pastyness chose as his candidate. But with this desperate Hail Mary pass . . . thrown about half-way through the second quarter, by the way . . . McCain has made it really, really easy for us go after him, and this idiotic choice. Quayle-in's problems are many, and here's just the short list.

1) She's under investigation by her Republican-controlled legislature. When he wouldn't fire her former brother-in-law, she fired the head of the Alaska State Police.
2) She's got a five-month-old infant with Down syndrome. How do you mother a five-month-old AND run a grueling national campaign?!?
3) She hasn't been vetted. McCain only met Governor Quayle-in once! Did he even KNOW for example, that Quayle-in was a long-time member of the Alaska Independence Party?- a group that included secession and independence for Alaska in its platform? I mean we were going to give his pick a hard time, but does he have to make it so easy for us?

Virtually the ONLY thing that Quayle-in has going for her, is that she's a completely off-the-charts, insane-in-the-brain right winger.

What was More-of-the-same thinking?

Hmmmmmm . . . .


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