Friday, August 8, 2008

A Brief Rant on John McCain's Turd of a Campaign

Does this doddering old idiot More-of-the-same McCain have anything good to say about himself, or any ideas at all about how to make America a better place? Every single ad this son of a bitch trots out is exclusively, 100%, about Barack Obama. It's like Obama is the only person in the race!!!

I mean I'm not surprised His Royal Pastyness doesn't want to talk about what he stands for, given that the 70% of Americans who have more than two brain cells to rub together hate conservatism with every fiber of their being. But you'd think that he'd want to at least acknowledge that he is in fact running for President, just to remind the drooling mouth-breathers in the Christian Wrong that there's still a candidate with his head completely up is ass in this race . . . . you know, someone they can relate to.

McCain's pathetic campaign should be DOA this November. Sadly, with his worshipful base in the corporate news media holding his balls for him while we walks, More-of-the-same McCain and his Botox bimbo billionaire beer-baroness of a wife might just be the next occupants of the White House.

Might . . . I'm not sure the American people are entirely as stupid as McCain seems to be betting they are.

Jesus these GOoPers piss me off, somebody pass me a fucking Valium. Where's Cindy McCain when you need her?

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