Sunday, August 3, 2008

How much of an idiot is George W?

Just ask him. This footage is beyond belief.

And there you have it folks.


Tracy McLellan said...

Mark Crispin Miller writes in his stellar book, "The Bush Dyslexicon," that Bush is easily the most intellectually bankrupt president ever, but he makes clear that is no reason to miscalculate about a certain political shrewdness possessed by Bush.

"Although (Bush) is as overwhelmed as he appears, this president is neither as dim-witted nor as easygoing as TV makes him out to be...And so to snicker at this president for his stupidity is not productive, for his unfitness isn't really funny - and in any case he isn't stupid. True, he is...probably the most illiterate (president ever), and easily among the least concerned about the contents of his mind...At issue here is...a profound confusion that ought not to cloud the mind of anyone who has his finger on the trigger."

Downtown Dave said...

Sometimes you gotta laugh to keep from crying, Tracy.

Tracy McLellan said...

With all due respect Dave, that's a hackneyed response. This isn't a challenge to your intellectual capacity, just this issue. I can see at a cursory glance of your story of the recent events in Georgia, which I haven't yet read, that you are infinitely more informed there than me.

Part of the point of my original comment, is that the video wasn't even done well, in that it was so obviously looped to make Bush appear more ludicrous than he is. This is unnecessary with Bush and over the top. Better to stick with the substance of Bush, which is so rarely coverered in the mainstream such as: military spending more than doubling since Bush (don't expect the Democrats to give this any voice, and to do everything they can to shut out Nader's), his deficits, the recent reporting that he ordered the CIA to forge documentation of a Saddam/Al Qaeda link, illegal spying, torture, ad nauseum.

Aside, I didn't like that Miller's book, in excoriating the corruption of Bush and the Republicans, thereby exonerated and even extolled Bill Clinton and the Democrats, even drawing absurd parallels between the Democrats and the Founding Fathers. But that was a minor error in an otherwise distinguished effort by Miller.

Downtown Dave said...

Well, respectfully, Tracy, I have not read Miller's book, and therefore, I cannot attempt to comment meaningfully upon it.

People may occasionally infer god-like omniscience from Rove, Cheney, and some of the other Republican Elite around him, and depending on the day, they may be at least partially right. But none of them are truly omniscient, and Bush in particularly is obviously outmatched by almost everything he tries to do on his own.