Monday, March 10, 2008

This drawn-out primary is bitchin' cool!

America's most bloated gas bag, Rush Limbaugh, has suggested that the GOoPers should do everything they can to keep the long fight to the finish between Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama alive. According to his twisted, gasbaggish view of the world, democracy is a bad thing, and the Democrats' inability to crown a clear frontrunner or presumptive winner yet, is reason for RepubliCons to feel happy.

To no one's suprise, I've get a different take on it, and it's this:

This drawn-out, epic primary battle is Totally. Bitchin'. Cool!

Here's why:

First off, it's good for democracy in general that all these "late in the game" states get to cast meaningful votes that affect the outcome of the election. When was the last time Wyoming, Mississippi, and Pennsylvania, or any other state that voted in late March in April were seriously in play in a Democratic primary process? Limbaugh can chuckle at what he calls the "spectacle" of this whole thing all he wants. Though I'm pulling for Obama, and was a little heartsore that he couldn't totally seal the deal in Texas and Ohio, it's GOOD for people in states like Wyoming, Indiana, and Mississippi to have a real, meaningful say in who the Democratic nominee is. It just seems more, you know, democratic than crowning a frontrunner after Iowa or New Hampshire, and making the whole rest of the process an afterthought.

Although I'm not Sen. Clinton's biggest fan, it's also a serious credit to the Party that there are two smart, capable, very tough candidates going through this very long and difficult process. While John McCain sits on the sidelines, possibly eating popcorn, and waiting to see what happens, two political heavyweights are duking it out in a contested, epic battle - one that may go all way to Puerto Rico, or even the convention. Limbaugh can chortle all he wants, the fact is that Obama and Clinton are the ones in the headlines, while McCain is sitting around waiting for his turn. The spectacle aspect of it is helping people tune into Democratic candidates, and Democratic policy debates, while the GOoPers continue to be marginalized.

Good thing.

Finally, the continued battle prevents the RepubliCon Smear Machine from kicking all the way into action. Whoever ends up winning the nomination, there's no doubt that the 'Cons are going to do everything in their power to smear the shit out of the nominee. This drawn-out process is putting that project on hiatus, they can't go after both Hillary and Obama nearly as well as they can go after just one of them. Those attacks are coming, but as long as there's no clear winner, they are staved off, providing the GOoPers with less and less of a window for their scat-mongering.

No doubt about it folks, this drawn-out primary is totally bitchin' cool!

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