Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's Gotta be Obama

Why I support Obama over Clinton

It's pretty simple folks.

While I believe Sen. Hillary Clinton to be a smart, capable woman who would definitely be a good President, it comes down to one thing for me: Senator Clinton is DC-Establishment through and through, and Senator Obama is not. The Democratic Party has been in the political wilderness now since around 1980, when Ronald Reagan first swept into power. Faced with the onslaught of an organized, utterly amoral GOoPer machine that would do anything to win, which cared nothing about the American people nor anyone outside of our borders, and had the money and the messaging to promote its particular brand of corporate venality effectively to the electorate, the Dems spent most of the 1980's (and yes, even the 1990's) doing the opposite of what they should have been doing. Instead of trying to beat them, they joined them.

The repercussions of this long term trend continue to be felt today. Our borderline-worthless Democratic "majorities" in the House and Senate are still basically locked into a mode of operation which says: "Well, let's try to meet these, murdering, lying, corporate thieves half-way."

Not good enough.

Senator Clinton represents the old way of thinking in the Democratic party - a mode which sees triangulation, and "meeting the murderers half-way" as an acceptable means of electoral success. Senator Obama, on the other hand, represents a more youthful, more vigorous, less triangulating, and more progressive way of thinking. Obama does great among independents and moderates because he understands that independents and moderates want someone who represents a clear contrast to President Fuckface, not someone who meets the Neocons half-way.

Sen. Clinton might be able to beat John McCain. Sen. Obama will mop the floor with his stupid face, because his strength among moderates and independents plays perfectly to McCain's weaknesses. Obama is strong among moderates. McCain is weak with conservatives. A candidate Obama puts progressives on the Offensive, going after the "Maverick" McCain's supposed strength among independents, and forcing him to shore up his weak spots among conservatives. Poll after poll after poll shows that Obama is doing much much better vs. McCain than Hillary.

End of story.

I voted for him, and I'm glad that I did - I urge everyone to support Sen. Barack Obama's historic bid for the Presidency.

Yes, we can.

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