Saturday, January 12, 2008

... and that was when my head exploded.

Check out these two headlines from the exact same page on CNN (the Middle East desk). Is anyone at CNN paying ANY ATTENION AT ALL to what they're putting up on their website?
Tide of blood subsides in Iraq

"(CNN)-- A year after President Bush announced he was ordering nearly 30,000 additional American troops into Iraq, that "surge" has at least temporarily staunched the blood-soaked tide of violence loosed on the country in the previous months."
Hey great!! Neato! Progress Progress Progress!!!!! I mean if there's one thing we know about the Surge, it's that it has been a non-stop progress machine. I want to make up a song right now about how progressy the Surge has been.
Six U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq house

"BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN)-- Six U.S. soldiers were killed Wednesday in Iraq when a bomb exploded in a booby-trapped house while they were on patrol north of Baghdad, the military announced.

Four soldiers were also wounded in the attack and evacuated to a coalition forces hospital, Multi-National Corps-Iraq said.

The troops were taking part in Operation Iron Harvest -- a new drive against Islamic militants in northern Iraq after a spate of attacks on local anti-insurgent groups."
Hobhudhta whobudhudta what? Oh my god! How the fuck has the tide of blood subsided when there are people being blown to smithereens every single god-damned day? I swear to god if I keep seeing shit like this my head is gonna explode. The sheer cognitive dissonance going on here is enough to make anyone go fucking crazy!!!!

The next statement is false.
The previous state is true.
The next statement is false.
The previous state is true.
The next statement is false.
The previous state is true.

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